Don't forget to renew your HBIA/HBIS

Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults/Seniors (HBIA/HBIS) provides health care coverage for individuals who are 42 and over and do not qualify for traditional Medicaid due to their immigration status.

All HBIA/HBIS members must go through redetermination each year.

The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) is conducting annual renewals for all HBIA and HBIS members. This process, also known as redetermination, is an annual benefits eligibility check.

Don't lose your coverage.

Redetermination forms for most HBIA and HBIS members were mailed on April 1, 2024. Make sure to submit all necessary paperwork before June 14, 2024, or you may lose coverage effective July 1, 2024. To complete your renewal click "Manage My Case" at or call 1.800.843.6154.

To learn more about HBIA and HBIS, please visit the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services FAQ page.

If you need assistance, call the ACCESS Benefits Hotline at 312.526.2500 or send an email to