Make a Plan, Use Your Voice and Vote!

October 14, 2020


The upcoming November 3rd election is quickly approaching and now is the time to make your plan to vote. Whether you plan to vote by mail or in person, this election provides a critical opportunity to use our voice and choose who represents us at every level of government, which, in turn, impacts the lives of our families and communities. 


This year is unprecedented in so many forms, but ACCESS encourages everyone to make their plan to vote today. Here are some helpful tips and resources to help you navigate the voter registration process and additional details about voting in your area.


Are you registered to vote?

    1. Check your registration status.
    2. If you are NOT registered to vote, visit The deadline to register online is SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18TH. If you plan on voting in-person, you can register and vote on Election Day. To register in-person after October 18th, you will need to visit your local election office, permanent polling place or early voting site to submit your information. For more information on registration requirements and dates in Illinois, check out

Want to vote by mail?

    1. Illinois will mail an absentee ballot application to those who voted in Illinois in the 2018 General Election, the 2019 municipal election, or the March 17th primary election, as well as to anyone who registered to vote or updated their address after the primary election.
    2. If you did not vote by mail in any election, you can find the absentee ballot application online here. Submit your application as soon as possible to receive your ballot.
    3. Fill out the application completely and submit the request to your local election authority or online. The deadline to request a ballot by mail is (received by) Thursday, October 29th.
    4. When your ballot arrives, read it carefully to follow the instructions to complete and return it.
    5. Your ballot can be sent by mail or dropped off in-person at a secure mail ballot drop box.
      • If you are mailing your ballot: it must be postmarked by Tuesday, November 3rd and received no later than Tuesday, November 17th. Illinois does not have a universal system for ballot tracking. Check on your local election authority's website to see if they do.
      • Find secure drop box locations here.

Want to vote in person?

    1. Find your polling place here.
    2. Give yourself ample time to vote. Voting is your constitutional right. Bring a water, snack, book or something to pass the time that helps you pass the time and ensures you are waiting to vote.


For general information, go to the Illinois State Board of Elections website at


Let's all get out the vote this Election Day!