Research, Evaluation and Innovation

Research, Evaluation and Innovation at ACCESS is focused on gaining a fundamental understanding of the strengths and assets of our communities, our patients, and the impact that ACCESS has on our patients’ well-being, as a whole.

Our studies and evaluations seek to answer two main questions:  

  1. How do we build and sustain health in our communities?  
  2. How can we create a system (both internally and externally) that supports equity, reduces disparities and promotes sustainable self-care?  

We prioritize raising the voice of our patients, communities, and practices when designing and conducting studies.  Our embedded team applies the rigor of scientific methods to data collection and analysis, and then shares our learnings and recommendations so decision makers and others can improve the effectiveness of services for patients and communities. 

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ACCESS Center for Discovery and Learning

In 2016, the ACCESS Center for Discovery and Learning, a National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded translational research center, opened its doors.  

Designed using environmentally conscious principles, the Center serves as an innovation incubator that fosters new thinking and provides a collaboration and education space within the community. It convenes patients, community members, schools, public officials, academics, health providers and other stakeholders, to develop solutions that will positively impact the total health of our communities. 

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Contact Information 

If you are interested in learning more about the ACCESS Center for Discovery and Learning or research at ACCESS, please email