ACCESS Behavioral Health Consultants Pave the Way to Change

March 25, 2015

​​At ACCESS, our Behavioral Health Consultants and other social workers on staff are vital members of each patient's care team because we believe that mental health is closely tied to physical health. They help patients achieve better health outcomes by working closely with the primary care physicians, medical assistants and others to design tailored health plans. 

Social workers guide our patients through life's most stressful situations and provide them with the support they need to function both physically and mentally. Social workers have devoted their lives to helping others. No matter an individual's age, background or issue, our social workers have the expertise and experience to help.

Social work is a choice and social workers at ACCESS have chosen to devote their lives to helping those in need. What better way to celebrate National Social Work Month this March, than by thanking ACCESS' dedicated, hard-working social workers for their commitment to improving the well-being of the individuals and families we serve.


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