How to Prepare for an Annual Check-up

May 31, 2019

Annual Physicals— Not Just For Kids

Annual back-to-school physicals are an essential way to keep track of a child’s health, but are you getting an annual checkup regularly? If you are only visiting your doctor when you are sick, you may be shortchanging your health. Learn why an annual physical is an important part of living a healthy life and how to prepare for your next appointment.

A yearly check-up is important for many reasons:

• Helps identify any problems before they become too serious, making treatment more manageable
• Forms a strong relationship with your doctor, so if an issue does arise, you can be more comfortable knowing your provider knows you and your medical history.
• Tracks key measurements like blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels over time to help detect early signs of trouble
• Saves you health care costs in the long run

How to prepare for an annual check-up

If it has been a few years since your last wellness visit, you may have some questions on how to prepare in advance. According to the CDC, these 4 steps can help you before your appointment:

• Get up-to-date information about family medical history. If your health care provider knows about the different diseases or illnesses you are more susceptible to, he or she can recommend lifestyle changes, look for signs and symptoms of those illnesses, and assess your current risk level of the disease.
• Find out what exams, vaccinations, or tests you should be getting at your age. Make sure all of your vaccinations are up-to-date or ask about which ones you may need.
• Write down any issues or questions you may have. When at an appointment, it is easy to forget something you wanted to ask your provider. Write down any problems you are having and anything you would like to ask during your appointment. This can make sure all your issues are addressed in the same visit.
• Discuss any health or wellness goals. If you want to make lifestyle changes or have long-term concerns about your health, an annual visit with your doctor is a perfect time toget support. This could include long-term goals like losing weight or quitting smoking.

ACCESS Community Health Network

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