Tips to Staying Active in Chicago This Spring

April 20, 2021

For many of us, the warmer weather is encouraging us to get back into a fitness routine. Exercise benefits your total health. It’s not simply about reducing your waistline but, also about easing depression, reducing your stress and anxiety - a feeling all too common during this pandemic. It may be difficult to find the motivation or safe, socially distanced ways to work out, but even the smallest amount of physical activity can make a huge difference on how well you feel physically and mentally.  Here are some ways to stay active this spring:


Go to the Park

Chicago parks and outdoor spaces are open to all residents for socially distanced hiking, running or walking. Wear your mask and invite a friend for a socially distanced walk through a park. Not only will you benefit from the social interaction by safely connecting with a friend, but you can exercise while doing it!


Join a Virtual Fitness Class

Check your local gym to see if they are offering virtual classes or do a search on YouTube for a variety of free fitness videos. Clear a space in your home and get active! Here are some videos to help you get started:


Dance it Out

Whether it’s Motown or hip hop, put on some of your favorite tunes and dance like no one is watching. Pick 3-4 songs in a row and you've got yourself a 20-minute workout while dinner is in the oven.


Access Community Health Network
At ACCESS, we encourage everyone to make time for exercise. If you have any questions about what level of activity is safe and healthy for you, schedule an appointment with our care team today.



As of March 28, 2023