HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C Support Services

ACCESS provides an integrated approach to HIV services including prevention and education, confidential HIV testing, and treatment. Our HIV care teams are made up of community health specialists, medical providers, and benefit specialists who all work together to ensure your services and treatment are coordinated and address your total health care needs. 

ACCESS provides comprehensive HIV services, including: 

  • Universal HIV testing, counseling, and linkage to care 
  • Benefits enrollment assistance  
  • PrEP – preventative medication against HIV infection 
  • Prevention education and services
  • Treatment for co-morbidities and referrals to behavioral health care and substance use treatment. 
  • Early intervention services including medical case management, treatment adherence, mental health, nutritional counseling, and infectious disease specialty care. 
  • Patient advocacy through dedicated Consumer Advisory Board
  • Spiritual counseling 

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