Westside Healthy Start

Westside Healthy Start’s mission is to reduce the incidence of infant mortality and low birth weight babies in the Chicago West side communities of North Lawndale, Austin, East and West Garfield Park. Babies born in these communities experience higher death rates and are in poorer health than babies born in other Chicago neighborhoods. For example, in 2008, the infant mortality rate was two times higher on the West side (16.9) than in Chicago as a whole (8.1).


Our Goal: To reduce the rates of infant mortality and low birth weight

The program strives to engage women who are at risk in prenatal health care early in their pregnancy and provide ongoing care, education and support throughout their pregnancy and postpartum. In addition to providing high-risk obstetric services, the program also provides critical screenings, counseling and referrals for drug and alcohol dependency, domestic violence, and mental health issues that impact the health of both the mother and child. The program also provides peer support and leadership training, which helps to empower women and build a sense of community. Our case managers are a trusted source of guidance and support. In addition to linking families to quality health services, we also provide support through vital resources, such as transit cards and employment training.


ACCESS’ Westside Healthy Start Partners

To find out more about this program, please call 312.733.0065.