The Relationship Between Diabetes Management and Your Mental Health

September 20, 2021

Managing a chronic disease like diabetes requires lifestyle changes that may take considerable time and effort. From accepting your diagnosis, to changing your eating habits, to becoming more active and monitoring your blood sugar, it is important to have the support and tools you need to successfully manage diabetes and the stress that comes with it.


How We Can Help

Address diabetes-related stressors and other mental health concerns. ACCESS has an integrated behavioral health primary care model designed to address any barrier that impacts your ability to successfully manage diabetes. Clinically licensed behavioral health consultants are available to meet with you to talk to you about diabetes-related stressors, in addition to offering services that address other mental health concerns such as anxiety or depression.   


Connect you to services that address the barriers to care. Write a list of barriers that prevent you from taking care of your diabetes successfully and bring it with you to your next appointment. ACCESS’ behavioral health consultants can get you connected to our other services like benefits assistance, free transportation to and from appointments, nutrition education, care coordination, food resources, and much more.


Create strategies that help you prioritize your health and well-being along with juggling all your other responsibilities. For caregivers who struggle finding the time to take care of themselves or managing the stress of daily life on top of their diagnosis, our behavioral health consultants can give you the tools to help you communicate, set boundaries with your loved ones, and restructure your day to prioritize self-care. Remember, you are the best caregiver when you are able to take care of yourself.


Schedule an Appointment

When you choose ACCESS as your medical home, our behavioral health consultants are an integral part of your care team and ready to support you. With their guidance, you can take new steps to achieve greater overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being. To schedule an appointment with our medical providers, call 312.267.2353 or visit to schedule an appointment.  If you are already a patient at ACCESS, and want to meet with a behavioral health consultant, call 630.893.5230.